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Toll Violation Fees waived thru February 2018

Two cashless tolling gantries near Exit 10 in South Nyack went live April 2016/NNYB

Starting Monday, Tolls by Mail customers who have open violations between April 24, 2016, and January 31, 2018, will be able to pay their outstanding toll balances with no accrued fees once the tolls are paid.

Eligible motorists will receive letters from the Thruway Authority in early February indicating their balances and how to pay them/have their fees waived using a new dedicated webpage.

Inputting their license plate, state and zip code will bring up any open violations and costs. Fees will be waived if payment is received by February 26, 2018, either by credit card or mail-in coupon with a check or money order to the Thruway Authority.

Anyone who was referred to a collection agency or who had his/her registration suspended can pay by the due date to have the fees waived.

This applies to motorists who paid their toll bill in full and have unpaid violations or fees, those on payment plans and whose registration was suspended or who were referred to the Department of Motor Vehicles for suspension.

Motorists with E-ZPass® violations or other violations unrelated to the new bridge are not eligible.

For the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo bridge, if the first toll bill is not paid by the customer, a $5 late fee will be imposed on the second notice. If a second notice is also ignored, violation fees of $100 per toll will be imposed.

The Thruway Authority aims to educate motorists about cashless tolling on the new bridge that includes:

New roadway signage: the 10 signs leading up to the bridge remind motorists of the toll and/or to call **826 to find out more information on how to pay if you don’t have E-ZPass®.

Updating the Thruway App and websites to direct users to update their address with DMV and enhancing the sections about paying tolls and avoiding fees and penalties. Toll By Mail bills are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. State law requires individuals to update their addresses within 10 days of moving.

E-ZPass® account credit aimed to encourage Thruway motorists to sign up for an account. Motorists can get E-ZPass® On-the-Go at one of approximately 780 retailers across the state. Register it February 1 through February 26 to receive a $10 account credit after 10 trips on the Thruway.

For more information, click here.

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Toll Amnesty: Violation Fees temporarily Waived

One of two electronic toll gantries in Rockland activated in April 2016/© Janie Rosman 2016

Got fines? Now through February 21 you won’t have to pay those you incurred for ignoring toll violations issued between April 24, 2016, through the end of this month.

The Thruway Authority will forgive fines if you pay your bill in one fell swoop, per its recent press release:

Eligible motorists will receive a letter from the Thruway Authority and must pay all outstanding toll balances by February 21. The amnesty will then be applied to violation fees for passenger vehicles of Tolls By Mail customers with open violations that were issued between April 24, 2016, through January 31, 2018.

Folks, if you don’t have an E-ZPass® tag, and you drive under a gantry, then you will get a bill on the mail.

For the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo bridge, if the first toll bill is not paid by the customer, a $5 late fee will be imposed on the second notice. If a second notice is also ignored, violation fees of $100 per toll will be imposed.

There’ll be additional and more concise signs on the road and on the Thruway app and website about tolls and how to pay them. Drivers can use the Tolls By Mail website, by mail, phone or in person and by check, credit card, checking account or cash. A text to **826 will return information about the Tolls By Mail website and payment details.

You never got a bill? Therein lies the rub. Best to get an E-ZPass® tag.

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New York State Prepared to & Did Bridge a Gap*

One of my favorite photos from that day: two members of the construction team watch the crowds prior to the opening ceremony for the new bridge’s westbound span. It was a hot August day, and dad’s golf hat was my lucky charm.

Westbound traffic moved to that span the following night. The Tappan Zee was our eastbound ride for the next six weeks, and then — with slightly less fanfare than its earlier transition — eastbound traffic moved to the new span.

One driver’s wish came true: he was the last ride on the Tappan Zee Bridge, and we had a new eastbound ride. In early November, its first section was removed.

Less of the Tappan Zee now as sections of it are removed to be repurposed per a Thruway Authority board decision in July. Crews continue building the eastbound span and — near the Westchester landing — the new maintenance facility, new building for state police south of the Thruway and the walking and bicycle path.

With its main span towers and piers lit in lavender, the new bridge looked pretty against the oncoming late August night sky. I kept thinking, “Purple reigns on the Hudson Valley” (photo courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority) as I crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge westbound for the last time.

How many of you will remember 2017 as the year the Tappan Zee Bridge closed to traffic? Since last December, when the new bridge’s main span towers were completed, crews have been working toward its opening. The above-mentioned months stand out in my mind; your mileage may vary.

*Tag line for this blog is New York State Prepares to Bridge a Gap™

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Christmas Colors in New Bridge’s Light Scheme

New bridge celebrates the holiday in red and green lights/EarthCam® construction camera

While it’s midnight in New York, Santa has been busy as Christmas began in other parts of the world. By 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon it was Christmas in Australia, and when December 25 ends in New Zealand gifts are being unwrapped (maybe) at 5:15 a.m. here in New York.

However, New Zealand celebrates Christmas in the middle of its summer. Snow cone fights, anyone? Merry Christmas!

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Guest Blog: Bridge inspiration for Creative Mosaic

By Luis Barcelo

During the last week of October, my daughter’s Global History class in Ossining High School was asked to do a modern-day rendition of a Byzantine Empire mosaic.

Although the assignment originally called for students to take a selfie and use that as their foundation, my daughter asked if she could instead choose something that she sees every day. She lives in Ossining and spends a lot of time in Tarrytown, where the new Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is part of this landscape.

Leah took a picture of the bridge and decided that this would be the template for her pieces. She spent time pouring through magazines finding colors that reflected her vision and came up with a piece that I shared on the 10591 Facebook page.

It was nice to see the positive feedback from the members of this page and reminds me how lucky I am to have an artist in the family.

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