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Grants Awarded to Hudson River Communities


Exciting news for seven villages came via $1.5 million in state grants to fund recreational, cultural and infrastructure projects.

Keeping its environmental commitments for the bridge project, the Thruway Authority partnered with the New York Department of State, Riverkeeper, Inc. and Scenic Hudson.

In Westchester:

Tarrytown will receive $300,000 for new playground equipment, furnishings, safety surfacing and brook stabilization at Patriots Park, while Sleepy Hollow’s $246,000 will build a Hudson River Plaza waterfront park. Irvington will use its $187,090 for streetscape improvements to its Theater District.

In Rockland:

Piermont’s $250,000 grant will raise and repave Ferry Road against future storm damage, while Nyack plans to build a pedestrian bridge over the inlet between Memorial Park and its public boat launch and marina with the $195,000 it will receive.

South Nyack will use its $163,200 grant to renovate the tennis courts, and build a shade canopy for the children’s playground, at Franklin Street Park, and Upper Nyack’s $158,710 will build a new sidewalk along North Broadway.

All parties said these positive moves will revitalize the communities, help ensure their access to the river and enhance and improve their recreational opportunities.

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Oyster Harvesting Program Underway

Friday was the fourth day of a weeklong process of moving 200,000 oysters out of the construction area, and relocating them in the Hudson River roughly three-quarters to one mile south, where they will thrive.

Courtesy of O’Rourke/New NY Bridge

Courtesy of O’Rourke/New NY Bridge

As with sturgeon monitoring and tagging, oyster harvesting is part of the state Department of Environmental Conservation Final Permit requirements, which contains $11.5 million for mitigation and restoration to protect the Hudson River and minimize the project’s environmental impacts.

About 13 acres of hard bottom/shell habitat will be relocated prior to August 1, when dredging begins for a three-month period.

Riverkeeper, Inc. and Scenic Hudson will also be involved with monitoring the construction as the project moves forward; check back for updates and additional information.

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