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Falcon Eggs are waiting to Hatch; We wait, Too

Disappointing not to see a live falcon cam that’s fluid as now viewers have to click the time to see if the birds are there or not. It took me three clicks (I must have guessed correctly when I picked a time!) to see the falcon parents gone, and the four eggs soaking up the sunlight in their absence.

Waiting for the falcon eggs to hatch into eyases, waiting for the westbound span’s path, and the visitor center, to be completed and then open, waiting for Exit 10 traffic to find a routine, waiting for the remaining pieces of the Tappan Zee Bridge to be removed from the river . . . and waiting to know what our tolls will be once we reach New Year’s Day 2020.

I’d like to know what you think.

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Path and Retaining Wall Construction Continue

Crews are building out the lane for the path; behind it is the noise wall with clear glass and terrific view of the Hudson Valley. You can also see the rebar-reinforced concrete wall that extends the length of the bridge, separating the westbound span’s shoulder from the path. Below are some cement median barriers covered in formwork, which secures them.

Visiting a friend this weekend means another trip across the bridge to see what I missed last week. We’ll see if the unavoidable congestion greeting motorists who bear right (north) at the end of the Exit 10 ramp is still there this weekend.

Rockland Bicycling Club members were very excited to hear about the new path and the possibility of expanding their annual Three Bridges Century event; South Nyack residents were less enthusiastic. Signs seen at trail last fall.

Above is the side path retaining wall leading from the bridge up to the spur path and to the trailhead at Clinton Avenue and South Franklin Street. Construction that changed Esposito Trail can be seen behind Village Hall as talks about possibly keeping the path open 24/7 continue.

I’d like to know what you think.

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New Traffic Pattern from Exit 10 starts Today

A third traffic pattern from Exit 10 to Hillside Avenue/Route 9W. Southbound starts today: all motorists will make a full stop at the end of the exit ramp, then turn either left to go south toward Piermont or turn right for the Nyacks.

You may recall there was one stop sign for drivers heading north on Route 9W and no stop sign for drivers merging at end of the Exit 10 ramp. A second stop sign was added yet didn’t prepare northbound drivers for the additional stops.

The new pattern will be in effect for several months per the project team.

I’d like to know what you think.

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Temporary New Route from Thruway to S. Nyack

All traffic bore left: motorists heading into the Nyacks made a U-turn, and those heading south continued on Route 9W. Then all traffic into the Nyacks bore right while southbound traffic stayed to the left.

And now everybody has to bear right and find their own ways starting next week.

Get ready for a third traffic pattern staring next week and lasting several months: at the end of the must-bear-right exit ramp, southbound motorists will make a full stop, then turn left onto Hillside Avenue/Route 9W. Those heading into the Nyacks will make a right turn to Route 9W northbound.

For information about the new pattern and lane closures next week, click here.

I’d like to know what you think.

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The Path, the Dividing Line and a Curious Falcon

A foot bridge at River Road in South Nyack will connect the elevated bridge to Rockland and to the new path. Its precast concrete panels will be covered by more concrete to raise it to grade, per the project.

It was a “do I or don’t I” situation at approximately three p.m. yesterday (above), when the graceful bird finally decided to mug for this very cool photo (below).

The project team reports the photo below is the shared use path’s approximate midway point between Westchester and Rockland.

I wonder where signs like this from the old Tappan Zee Bridge will be placed on the new bridge and path. With the exception of said relic I snapped by luck one day, all photos are courtesy of the New York State Thruway Authority.

About the merge from the newly-routed exit ramp to Route 9W: northbound traffic has a stop sign and has to yield to oncoming traffic.

I’d like to know what you think.

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