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Tower Crane Removal; Structures Underway

Checking out the cranes as the towers gain height via jump forms/© Janie Rosman 2016

Six months (brr!) ago the towers ceremoniously got their last cement pour, after which tower cranes began to remove the blue jump forms that helped build them.

The blue forms are a thing of the past, and recently the main span tower cranes said their goodbyes to the project. No longer needed, the second of two red tower cranes that helped construct the main span will soon be gone.

* * * * *

Instead of calling the driver in front of you names for crossing the solid line to get in front of you — HELLO. Other. Driver. It’s. A. Solid. Line. For. A. Reason. — look to the right (if it’s safe to do so). You’ll see additional concrete walls and formwork on the new maintenance facility in Tarrytown.

Here’s what it looked like yesterday per the New NY Bridge’s webcam. Near the top right (on the south side of the Thruway) are retaining walls and footing for the new state police facility.

I’d like to know what you think.

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TBT: Looking Back at Earlier Project Photos

What are those things floating in the river? Debris? No, those are piles, and the story that day (June 2014 media tour) was pile cleansing: scooping out the muck prior to filling them with concrete and rebar (reinforced steel).

Did you notice the super crane is on the south side of the bridge? It had recently arrived at the project site, where crews waited for low tide a few days later before limbo-ing it under the current bridge.

Blue jump forms will help build the main span’s 419-foot towers./Photo: NYSTA

Oh my, how tiny it looks at ground level. This is from early September 2015, when crews began building those now-419-foot tall towers using self-climbing jump forms. Are those cartoon heads in the red truck?

Here’s a memory from days gone by, when tolls were 50 cents each way. One-way collection was adopted August 12, 1970, and toll booths on the northbound lanes were removed.

And guess what? We made it through the Ides of March. Ha!

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TBT: Two Years Before the Towers’ Completion

This little guy is smiling because he completed the Tower Crane Challenge at the Outreach Centers. I’m smiling because my hunch about something was correct: while I surmised the Thruway Authority wanted to dissuade me from learning what happened two Decembers earlier, another reporter did.

Photo courtesy New York State Thruway Authority.

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Infrastructure & New York State: the TZB Now

Governor Andrew Cuomo fielding reporters’ questions on the new bridge/© J Rosman 2016

Governor Andrew Cuomo fielding reporters’ questions on the new bridge/© J Rosman 2016

We stepped back and walked to orange cones on the northern side of the span, where Governor Coumo would answer reporters’ questions.

I wanted to ask the governor if he planned to invite President-elect Trump to the project site, especially since Trump bemoaned U.S. infrastructure at an October 14, 2015, rally in Richmond, Virginia.

“We’re like a Third World country,” he said. “Our airports, our roads, our bridges are falling down. Sixty-one percent of our bridges are in trouble. Do you believe this? We drive over a bridge, it’s in trouble.”

Although I never had a chance to pose my question it was partly answered in response to another reporter’s question. Cuomo also discussed the topic with businessman and former NYC mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis on the CATS Roundtable (AM 970) last weekend.


“Governor, New Yorkers have the most powerful man in the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, and we have the President of the United States in Washington,” Catsimatidis said. “Can the two of them help New York State? Have you talked to them about a commitment about getting federal funds like Roosevelt got for Robert Moses?”

“I spoke to President-elect Trump to congratulate him after he was elected and one of the first things he went to was infrastructure because he’s a builder, and his point was we don’t build anymore,” Cuomo said. “He (Trump) pointed out that we do build in New York and he’s coming up with a big infrastructure program.”

“We have $100 billion,” he said. ” The largest commitment in modern political history for infrastructure, et cetera. Airports all over the state. Roads and bridges all over the state. The trick now is making it happen, getting it done. And that’s a new task for government.”


Three years ago this month Trump said he could fix the aging Tappan Zee Bridge “for peanuts”, and “The $4 billion will end up turning out to be $10 billion, and the state will never be able to afford it.”

His words came days after then-Thruway Authority Executive Director Thomas Madison closed a deal with the U.S. Department of Transportation for an historic $1.6 billion Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan for the new bridge.

Nearly $700 million more than anticipated and the largest low-interest (3.89 percent) loan in TIFIA history, it was a major coup for the bridge project. Did Trump know Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) was also nearing the end of its first year on the 62-month assignment?

I’m sure President-elect Trump has since changed his mind about the bridge project, which reached another milestone this week. I wonder if he will be awed by it as I was and hope he continues to support New York State’s infrastructure initiatives.

I’d like to know what you think.

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More about the Morning on the Westbound Span


The bus was nicely heated, and my seat number was 10, indicated above the window. The 10th was when my dad visited me in a dream. Coincidence? I felt he was with me in spirit as I wore his yellow V-neck sweater, one of several layers to keep me warm in the elements.

I thought about his sweater during the Q & A with Governor Andrew Cuomo after he, Project Director Jamey Barbas, Congresswoman Nita Lowey spoke. The governor touched a pin affixed to his tie that belonged to his dad, the late Governor Mario Cuomo, and said he was there with him in spirit.


“These are expansion joints. See how you can’t just walk through the full bridge?” Thruway Authority Director of Media Relations and Communications Jennifer Givner said, pointing to metal pieces between the concrete.

We were on the Westchester approach of the new westbound span. “That rebar is installed for the guard rails,” Givner said, indicating them. “Many of them have been poured (with cement).”


The bus rolled slowly over another expansion joint, and she indicated the incomplete eastbound span to the left. It will be finished and connected to the landings when the current bridge is dismantled.

“The deck panels are the base of the driving surface,” Givner said. They’ll be covered with a one-inch polymer overlay: it’s durable, and that will be the final driving surface and will have lane markings.


We passed one of the three emergency turnarounds; the other two are on the Rockland side and will help first responders quickly access accidents and can be used to reroute traffic when necessary.

* * * * *

No one else looked cold. About 15 minutes after arriving (and outside on the span) I’d returned to the bus to deposit my scarf and hat. Big mistake. The governor didn’t look cold except his nose was red.

* * * * *

Thank you to a LinkedIn connection who works on the project and, seeing me, came over to introduce himself. I’m glad he did and that we talked for a few minutes.

I’d like to know what you think.

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