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ICYMI: TZB Deconstruction & SUP Construction

Now that the Tappan Zee Bridge is disintegrating piece by piece (photos of steel plate composition above and hammer drill below courtesy of the New York State Thruway Authority), and the new path is underway for a (date unknown) opening,

it’s time to resume walking. The distance will be more than 3.1 miles when you include the Westchester and Rockland landings.

How will traffic on the 12-foot-wide path be monitored? Suppose a walking group set out for a stroll one morning and meets a group of bicyclists heading in the opposite direction? How will they navigate their respective strides and directions?

Time for me to start walking again and prepare for the new 12-foot-wide concrete path without shade. Maybe bring an umbrella?

I’d like to know what you think.

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