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Thruway, TZB Overnight Delays Friday, Saturday

road closed at bridge

Three northbound lanes will close tonight at 9 p.m. until tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m. and will close again from 9 p.m. until Sunday at 2 p.m. No closures for southbound traffic.

Get ready for delays due to pier foundation work near the Rockland and periodic pile driving. This also means noise; however, construction crews will use vibratory hammers and noise-reducing shrouds to lessen the impacts.

You can drive northbound on the far left open lane; however, advice is to avoid the area or use the George Washington Bridge or the Bear Mountain Bridge. Factor in periodic 10-minute traffic stops on all four northbound lanes from Exit 9 in Tarrytown to the bridge.

I’d postpone plans until the lanes reopen.

Listen for updates about closures and delays at Variable Message Signs (VMS) across the region and Highway Advisory Radio 530 AM.

Bad weather means all bets are off, and the work is moved to next Friday from 9 p.m. to Saturday at 2 p.m., completed then. Sunday is Mother’s Day.

I’d like to know what you think.

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Grants Awarded to Hudson River Communities


Exciting news for seven villages came via $1.5 million in state grants to fund recreational, cultural and infrastructure projects.

Keeping its environmental commitments for the bridge project, the Thruway Authority partnered with the New York Department of State, Riverkeeper, Inc. and Scenic Hudson.

In Westchester:

Tarrytown will receive $300,000 for new playground equipment, furnishings, safety surfacing and brook stabilization at Patriots Park, while Sleepy Hollow’s $246,000 will build a Hudson River Plaza waterfront park. Irvington will use its $187,090 for streetscape improvements to its Theater District.

In Rockland:

Piermont’s $250,000 grant will raise and repave Ferry Road against future storm damage, while Nyack plans to build a pedestrian bridge over the inlet between Memorial Park and its public boat launch and marina with the $195,000 it will receive.

South Nyack will use its $163,200 grant to renovate the tennis courts, and build a shade canopy for the children’s playground, at Franklin Street Park, and Upper Nyack’s $158,710 will build a new sidewalk along North Broadway.

All parties said these positive moves will revitalize the communities, help ensure their access to the river and enhance and improve their recreational opportunities.

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New Falcon Chick on the Scene – Choose its Name


The newest Tappan Zee Bridge seasonal resident has arrived and needs a name.

Remember last year’s contest, when local elementary school students thought of names for the three chicks? Two of them are now proud parents.

This year’s contest includes schools in areas of New Jersey, and the results are as creative and clever as last year’s. Will the baby falcon be called Irvwing, Rocky, Tappy Feet or one of the other names? My favorite is Marshmallow; what’s yours? Choose one name before the contest closes May 4.

falcon feeding

Earlier one parent flapped its wings and took off, most likely to find dinner, and returned not long after. Feeding time? So cute to watch. Hearty appetite!

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Tower Art via Camera and Project Milestones

painting on canvas

This happened three weeks ago: pretty and intriguing, it’s in the Hudson River.

It looks like a painting on either fabric or canvas, right? The wind must have been strong that night because it shook the EarthCam® construction camera on the bridge’s main span to capture what looks like an artist’s vision of the new towers.

Those blurry-for-a-minute towers are now at the halfway mark, project officials said. A couple more milestones last week in addition to cashless tolling: crews placed the last pier cap for the northern span — last April the first of 59 pier caps was placed near Tarrytown — and the 1,000th road deck panel since last October.

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Good for the Soul: Talking, Laughing and Lunch


We saw more than newly budded trees and gorgeous blue skies yesterday. After I thought I’d missed it I finally came to the above scene from my solo road trip.

classic car

Southbound traffic again started backing up near Exit 14B and crunched at the toll plaza. Because of the pace I had a chance to snap this car with American Classic license plates when its driver signaled to get in front of me.


A basket of wrapped green soaps, too pretty to open, made from goat’s milk was near the register of the diner where we had lunch. I’d not been there in a while and remember it was one of our regular places during my year at SUNY Oneonta.

The air was waking to spring, and we drove there and back with the windows open. No radio or CDs playing; we talked and talked. Another trip in a few months for sure.

I’d like to know what you think.

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